AGRITURISMO BENEVERCHIO  -   Pavullo nel Frignano - Modena

  Tel. 0536 325290 - FAX 0536 308961 -

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Every Saturnday night the owners welcome their guests dressed with clothes dating bach to the seventieenth, eighteenth, nineteenth century

Besides, the owners Claudia and Ornello organize frequently extemporaneous shows concerning particular events of nature (e.g. the threshing, the vintage and so on...).

During the performance typical dishes based on old recipes will be served. 

The Symbols of the dining rooms:
The "Seventh Seal" marked the room where the "Thinking Minds" of the House used to eat.
The "Pall of the Ladies" was the room representing the only for women space.
The "Birth of dawn" marked the room where the "firstborn son" used to eat..

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