AGRITURISMO BENEVERCHIO  -   Pavullo nel Frignano - Modena

  Tel. 0536 325290 - FAX 0536 308961 - e-mail:

          Agritourism Beneverchio makes use of all the products that have been produced in the 2 associated farms. They are:

    Azienda Agricola di Ori Claudia

  Production: cows in cow house, swines, poultry, officinal herbs

  Conversion: beef and pork, white meat, ham and sausages, Parmigiano Reggiano, ricotte (butter milk curd), caciotte
    Azienda Agricola di Giusti Ornello

  Production: cows in natural state, sheeps, vegetables and herbs like the "crescione"
                    (cress which is exported in USA for research against intestine cancer)

beef, vegetables, chicory, cress

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